Are you finding it difficult to sell your property?

4th May 2022

Moving house can be a very stressful process and becomes even more so when you have found your dream home but you can’t sell your current property.

In the instance where you as the seller may be relocating for work – a delay could cost you a significant amount of money. Or you could find yourselves saddled with two lots of mortgage payments and utility bills for several months, which you would obviously rather avoid.

So if your property is stuck on the market, with little or no interest and the end of the process is not in sight we have outlined some key points for you.


Do you need to sell your house?

Obvious question first and as obvious as it might sound, it is worth considering whether you do need to sell your property in the first place.

If you are considering selling your home simply because you and your family need more space, another option could be to consider building an extension or converting a loft area to give you that extra space rather than selling the property.


Are you worrying unnecessarily? 

Everyone wants to and expects to be inundated with viewings and offers immediately after listing their home on the market but that isn’t always the case. Just because that isn’t happening, it really doesn’t mean there is something wrong with your home.

Currently In Hertfordshire, the average detached house sells in 127 days, a terraced house in 115 days with a flat taking longer at 205 days on average. If you’re still within that window, there’s no reason to worry – after all, these things take time.


Questions to ask if you are struggling to sell your house

Are you advertising your house effectively?

Online agents have become more popular, but ultimately high street estate agents are still used by most sellers. The level of service from a high street agent is usually more complete and comprehensive with Energy Performance Certificates, property valuations and hosted viewings part of the standard service where online agents expect you to do much of it yourself.

Even the most attractive, well-located, suitably priced property can stay on the market for a long time if it isn’t promoted well so it is crucial to choose the services of an experienced estate agent who understands the local housing market.

Who better than Clements Estate Agents, Winners of The British Property Award for Hemel Hempstead for 2 years running and one of the most respected firms of Estate Agents in the area.


Are you Giving Buyers a Good First Impression?

From the moment they first walk through the door, it takes the average buyer just 40 seconds to decide if they’ll make an offer. If buyers aren’t getting that good impression from the second they pull up outside, they will likely look elsewhere and some may not even enter to see inside!


Is Your Asking Price Reasonable?

Unrealistic asking prices is one of the biggest reasons why desirable houses struggle to sell. Remember yours is not the only available property on the market and buyers have everything at their fingertips these days online so if they can find a similar property in a similar location for a lower price, why would they put in a good offer for yours?

Setting the right asking price for your home is key. The reason why you are struggling to sell your property could be primarily down to an asking price which is too high so you should invest the time in researching the local market

Whilst we can advise you, ultimately, the asking price is entirely up to you. If you have chosen to get a few different estate agents to value your property and they have come to similar valuations, you can be fairly confident in setting an asking price around their valuations. 

However be wary of an estate agent which values your house at a significantly higher asking price. As mentioned, setting an unrealistic asking price can immediately put buyers off even viewing the property. 


Does Your Property Have Unique Appeal?

Not every property can be expected to attract the same level of interest whilst some simply have a more limited audience. Types of house that may have a more unique appeal could include:

- Large houses with smaller gardens
- Small houses with larger gardens
- Homes with more than four bedrooms
- Split level homes (across 3 or more floors)
- Shared access properties
- Personal customisation (e.g. unusual interior design choices)

Whilst none of these factors could be considered an issue and could in fact be advantageous to the right buyer, they may reduce your target audience .

Ultimately remember you only need to find one buyer, the right buyer to complete a sale


Think about your home staging

Is the property prepared for a viewing? Any struggles you may be having could be down to not preparing your house to be seen in the best possible way to encourage buyers. 

Think of a new build show home which feels like you could move in right away… If you can stage your home well, there is a good chance it could sell it faster and you might be able to make it more valuable too. First impressions certainly count, so a small bit of investment in the property to make it more appealing will pay off in the long run.


Ensure the property is clean and tidy.

Any buyer will find it easier to imagine how they could potentially use the space if its clutter free .


Curb Appeal

Mow the lawn, clean the windows and repair any broken gates or fences.

If the outdoor space is neat and tidy any viewers will be able to think more freely about seeing themselves there.


Consider home improvements.

A fresh coat of paint, taking care of any mould stains and replacing handles and doors are not costly and can add considerable appeal to the property

Make sure that beds are made with fresh bed linen. Any potential buyers will need to visualise themselves living in your home so it could be a good idea to remove any personal items such as ornaments and photographs

Home staging is now a growing trend to restyle your home and make it more appealing but it needn’t be a costly or time-consuming endeavour.


Think about a different estate agent

If your property has been on the market for some time with an agent and hasn’t received much interest or any offers, you should considering listing your house with another agent.

They may have new ideas and often changing up and improving the photos shown on listings can showcase your property in a more attractive manner.

Sometimes taking the property off the market for a while can help reenergise it when it comes back online – A house that’s been listed for months and months can sometimes put buyers off as they can question why it hasn’t sold themselves!

Ultimately all properties and buyers are different. That’s why there’s more to marketing a home than simply listing it and waiting for the offers to come flooding in.

While we have no desire to badmouth our industry, the fact remains that not all estate agents go to the same lengths to market your property. Some profit from demanding a fee whether or not your house sells, giving them little incentive to promote it effectively.

Here at Clements, we would love to be the first choice for you when you come to sell your home though should you decide to use another agent and feel its not progressing, we would be happy to step in.

To find out what we would do to sell your house, request your free market appraisal today. We have a number of different options for you to get a free no-obligation valuation.

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